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Unique Ways to Use Chalkboard Labels

December 14th, 2014

Unique Ways to Use Chalkboard Labels

id--63Labels are a cost-effective, functional tool that makes home management simpler and more efficient. When you label items, you are doing one or more of the following:

  • Reminding your entire household of rules you expect them to follow
  • Designating where things go so that they are always easy to find
  • Simplifying daily chores for young children and those new to your household
  • Reminding yourself of things worth remembering

Even if you live alone, you can still use labels to remind yourself of important things or to communicate with guests in a respectful manner. If you have children of any age, then you may rely on labels and stickers to keep your home flowing smoothly day in and day out. That is where chalkboard labels and stickers are essential because you can use them over and over for different purposes, saving you tons of money over time.

It’s easy to think of some traditional ways to use chalkboard stickers, but there are also some unique applications, including:

  • Hang 26 stickers on the wall and allow children to practice writing the letters of the alphabet with a chalk pen.
  • Place a sticker under each toy bin in a child’s bedroom or playroom, clearly identifying where they should put toys when cleaning up. Use shapes or color-code the words for children too young to read.
  • Hang up a sticker for each day of the week and write in the chore that your child should do that day.
  • Use them as name tags when hosting a party to introduce new friends. The chalkboard theme will fit with many party themes if you think creatively.
  • Label the shelves in your kitchen to make it easier for kids to remember where different items go when they do the dishes.
  • Label laundry baskets so that every member of your family sorts their own laundry, making it easier for you to wash them later on.

If you think creatively, you will find hundreds of ways to use chalkboard labels in your home. What are the unique applications that come to mind for you?