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Translation Agencies Explained

October 3rd, 2014

Translation Agencies Explained

dictionary-882671-mIn the changing world of today, translation needs vary greatly, and so do the kinds of translations. Translation agencies use various terms to refer to different kinds of work they have to perform, and this article will help you to understand better what they mean.
There are three main types of translations, technical translation, scientific translation, artistic (literary) translation, translation of documents, and general translation.

Technical Translation can be considered one of the most highly demanded, as such translation requires technical knowledge of some specific field, be it reciprocating compressors or an anti-spam program.

With such translations, usually translation agencies are preferred to free-lance translators because a good translation agency possesses not only a highly qualified translators with technical knowledge (or even education), but also a special glossary of technical terms that ensure that the terms used in the translation are homogenous, and specialized proofreaders who make sure the translation not only sounds ok, but also will be of help to technicians who will work with it later.

Scientific translation. These are medical translations, translations of scientific works in various fields of studies (such as chemistry, physics, mechanics), different research works. A good translation agency will make sure that the terms used in the translation are special terms that will be understood by foreign researchers, doctors, and other specialists.

Literary translations don’t just require a thorough knowledge of the source and target languages, but also the ability to correctly translate the original feelings and to employ the most appropriate language means in the translation. A good translation agency like will provide you with an experienced proofreader whose native language is the target language of the translation.

Translation of documents is a type of translation that in all cases has to be ordered from a translation agency because almost always it requires a special certification.
General translation is the simplest kind of all because it deals with a language without any special terminology or literary means.