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How Social Media Can Help Your Local SEO

October 8th, 2014

How Social Media Can Help Your Local SEO

local seo and social mediaMost business owners today are aware that online and social media advertising play a large role in the overall marketing campaign and local SEO. Some small businesses however, are still holding on to the past in thinking that traditional methods of advertising, such as print, yellow pages, and radio ads will produce better results. While traditional marketing methods will produce results, integrating these marketing techniques with social media can expand the reach of your advertising further than traditional tactics alone.

In this generation of technology, many people have become used to connecting with the services that they need through the use of their chosen social media websites. This is true in small towns as well as larger cities around the world. One of the first things that needs to be recognized is that social media platforms are not simply limited to Twitter and Facebook any longer. There are many well-known websites that will allow you to promote your business free of charge and can improve your overall internet presence. Some of the more popular sites aside from Facebook and Twitter are LinkedIn YouTube, and Pinterest.

In order to maximize your online presence, using multiple social media platforms is recommended and you should gear the content that you use toward each of those audiences. Each different social media site has its advantages and disadvantages that differ depending on what type of business that you have. Facebook, for example, is an ideal platform for business to customer companies such as publishers, local retailers, or businesses that ship directly to the customer.

Using multiple social media websites can be a bit confusing for the average business owner. The use of a professional SEO company such as Doppler Internet however, can assist you with this daunting task. Using social media to promote your business only makes sense in a computer oriented world, and Doppler Internet can help you make the most of these valuable marketing techniques.