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December 24th, 2014

The 2015 Subaru WRX has Arrived

Long known as one of the most potent sports cars on the market, the Subaru WRX has enjoyed success in Japan, the United States, and all around the world. WRX is one of the most well-known brands in the automotive world, helped in large part by Subaru’s massive success in competitive world rallying.

Subaru has upped the stakes again for the 2015 model year with the all new WRX sedan, and it’s a car you can find at Landers McLarty in Huntsville.

Precision, Power, and Technology

Subaru has been developing the WRX since it entered it into rallying in 1992. Since then, the car has gone through numerous development changes, from which we have arrived at the 2015 WRX.

The new WRX features a direct injection turbocharged engine, one of Subaru’s best yet. It produces 268 horsepower, and can pump out an impressive 258lb-ft of torque between 2000 and 5700 RPM. Unique to this boxer engine, the torque is available all throughout the rev range, meaning that you’ll get instant power any time you put your foot down.

Symmetrical all-wheel drive on the WRX enables precision handling in any condition. Rain, snow, ice, tarmac, gravel… none are a challenge too big for the WRX. Remember that this car cut its teeth on rally stages. Just imagine what it can do on the road.

There’s plenty of technology to ensure that driving remains dynamic and safe. Active torque vectoring helps to distribute power so that the car stays planted throughout the corners, no matter where the weight is moving on the chassis. The suspension in the new WRX has been designed around highly tuned springs and dampers to enable flat cornering without sacrificing ride comfort.

Any motoring enthusiast will have fun behind the wheel of a WRX. The paddle shift sport transmission offers the convenience of an automatic gearbox, while retaining total control over gear shifting. It’s hard not to crack a smile when you’re behind the wheel of a WRX, and in Alabama we have plenty of roads on which to enjoy this car.

Confidence in Motion

A spacious interior, advanced ring shaped airbag system, active electronics for stability, and of course the raw power of the 2015 Subaru WRX make it one of the most exciting cars that you can drive today. With starting prices below $27,000, it’s almost impossible to find a better alternative in this class.

Landers McLarty Subaru has the WRX in Huntsville, along with the rest of Subaru’s popular lineup. Come and see us today to find out what it means to drive with confidence in motion.

December 14th, 2014

Unique Ways to Use Chalkboard Labels

id--63Labels are a cost-effective, functional tool that makes home management simpler and more efficient. When you label items, you are doing one or more of the following:

  • Reminding your entire household of rules you expect them to follow
  • Designating where things go so that they are always easy to find
  • Simplifying daily chores for young children and those new to your household
  • Reminding yourself of things worth remembering

Even if you live alone, you can still use labels to remind yourself of important things or to communicate with guests in a respectful manner. If you have children of any age, then you may rely on labels and stickers to keep your home flowing smoothly day in and day out. That is where chalkboard labels and stickers are essential because you can use them over and over for different purposes, saving you tons of money over time.

It’s easy to think of some traditional ways to use chalkboard stickers, but there are also some unique applications, including:

  • Hang 26 stickers on the wall and allow children to practice writing the letters of the alphabet with a chalk pen.
  • Place a sticker under each toy bin in a child’s bedroom or playroom, clearly identifying where they should put toys when cleaning up. Use shapes or color-code the words for children too young to read.
  • Hang up a sticker for each day of the week and write in the chore that your child should do that day.
  • Use them as name tags when hosting a party to introduce new friends. The chalkboard theme will fit with many party themes if you think creatively.
  • Label the shelves in your kitchen to make it easier for kids to remember where different items go when they do the dishes.
  • Label laundry baskets so that every member of your family sorts their own laundry, making it easier for you to wash them later on.

If you think creatively, you will find hundreds of ways to use chalkboard labels in your home. What are the unique applications that come to mind for you?

December 14th, 2014

What You Should Know About Siding

bleeding-planks-1-993277-mSiding for your home is an important investment. Not only will it help to improve the overall appearance of the home, but it will also aid in the longevity of the home, while making it easier to maintain. Since there are different types of siding, homeowners can select, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Siding is designed to ensure that the home is protected from the elements. You need to ensure that it has been properly installed and maintained to get maximum protection from the rain, wind, snow, and sun. This is why it is important to find an installer of siding Omaha residents can trust in advance.

When exploring siding there are three main things you’ll want to keep an eye on. They are the cost of the installation, the life expectancy of the siding and what kind of maintenance will be necessary once it has been installed.

Wood is a common option, but it isn’t a long term solution. Wood takes a great deal of maintenance like repainting and staining every few years. If you don’t keep up with it, you’ll end up having warped and damaged wood.

Aluminum has a longer lifespan that can reach 30 years. While it was incredible popular in the 1950s – 1960’s, it has gone out of style in favor of vinyl siding options. In recent years, fiberglass has also seen a resurgence in popularity since it tend to require less maintenance.

No matter which route you go, just understand that you should always get guarantees and warranties on any companies install. That way, if you encounter a problem at any point, you’ll have something that requires them to come out and fix the problem for you. In the long run, this will give you some peace of mind.

November 20th, 2014

Approaching The Victims of Anti-Youth Culture

Juvenile delinquency refers to antisocial or criminal acts performed by juveniles. It is an important social issue because juveniles are capable of committing serious crimes, but most legal systems prescribe specific procedures and punishments for dealing with such crimes.
Approaches to the problem generally fall into two camps: the public health solution, and the law enforcement solution. Advocates of the public health approach tend to see juveniles today as victims of an anti-youth culture. The problem is not just parents failing children, but a whole attitude among adult society that is increasingly hostile toward youth.
A “delinquent” is defined as under the age of majority who has been convicted in juvenile court of something that would be classified as a crime in adult court.
It’s also not just poverty, per se, among children, but the relative deprivation of living in a society of affluence in which self-esteem is tied to achieving affluence. People are only hosts, not causes, of social problems, according to the public health model.
Most of the broken home literature, for example, shows only weak or trivial effects, like skipping school or home delinquency. Another area, the desistance literature, shows only that children from two-parent families age-out of crime earlier. In fact, there is more evidence supportive of the hypothesis that a stepparent in the home increases delinquency, or that abuse and neglect in families lead to a cycle of violence.
Mentally ill teens are often arrested, placed on probation, or held in juvenile correctional facilities. When a juvenile treatment center such as Elk River Treatment helps teens by using alternative methods, their problems with mental health disorders are sometimes more readily and more rapidly overcome.
Studies show more than half of juveniles in custody suffer from mental health problems. Nearly a third have attempted suicide and one in 13 take psychotropic medication, yet these troubled youths rarely get the treatment they need. Elk River Treatment can help.

November 11th, 2014

Road Trips Are Fun.

It is fun when you are taking road trips. Even the gasoline’s price is keeping rising, families are still taking road trips. Or maybe because of the higher air fares caused by higher gas prices, people are opting to take more trips by car. Kids get bored riding in the car. If the children are bored, they start to pick on each other or insist on asking the dreaded, Are We There Yet? question that all drivers love to hear every 10 minutes. Below are some suggestions to keep your ride fun and most importantly, peaceful!

Assuming your children are old enough to read or at least recognize letters, alphabet game is a great game to keep young travelers occupied. There are a few variations. They must find the alphabet, starting with A on signs, billboards or license plates. You can make up the rules if you’ll use a combination of sources or just stick to one (it’s harder and takes a lot longer if you limit it to just license plates.) The next big decision you need to make is whether or not the word must start with the letter you’re searching for or if it just has to contain the letter. For example, if you’re looking for B, and drive past a Burger King restaurant, then you have your B, and can begin looking for C. If you decided it’s ok to find the letter anywhere within the word, then you could also claim the E, in Burger King. The key is that you must find these letters in sequence. You can’t claim an E if you haven’t found a D yet. Nor can you say There’s a D on the street sign Doors R Us and there WAS an E on Burger King. There are no retro rules allowed.

Another variation of the alphabet game is that you have to find objects that begin with each letter. If you drive past a red barn, you could probably claim either an R (red) or a B (barn), depending on which letter you need next.

There’s always the trusty I SPY game. I spy something green and it’s outside (as opposed to inside the car). Riders take turns looking outside for something green. If you’re driving, chances are the object will pass by quickly so participants have to be alert. Or perhaps you spy something black and inside. Possible guesses would be the steering wheel or Mom’s purse.

Equally important to the entertainment is the intermission.

Take frequent stretch breaks. Even if you’re on a tight time frame to get to your destination, if you let others have a chance to get out of the car, to tap a kidney, have a snack and get some fresh air, your road trips will be much more enjoyable for all involved! Have fun!

Above all, make sure that you’re driving a well maintained and reliable car before you head out on your road trip.. Find that car at Landers McClarty DCJR.

November 9th, 2014

Lawyers & How They Negotiate Personal Injury Settlements


If you have recently been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you may find yourself in a sea of lawyers without knowing which one to choose. After being injured, many individuals turn to lawyers for help in protecting their rights and helping to ensure they are fairly compensated for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. Depending on the accident, medical attention may or may not be required. In an automobile accident, for example, the individual who caused the accident will be responsible for any repairs to the victim’s automobile, along with the previously mentioned compensation. Most individuals hire a lawyer soon after the accident occurs even though settlement negotiations will typically not begin until after medical treatment has ended.

After concluding medical treatment, lawyers will begin to negotiate with the insurance company representing the person who caused the accident. During this time, lawyers will assess the amount of medical bills, doctor reports and diagnosis, lost wages, damages and will attempt to estimate a fair amount of pain and suffering. After gaining your approval, personal injury lawyers will submit a proposal to the insurance adjuster for consideration. It generally takes 30 days for a response, which is expected to be a counteroffer. At this time, lawyers will discuss the offer with their client and see if a fair settlement can be reached. If not, the lawyer will prepare another letter explaining that the adjusterís offer is not acceptable and will, once again, request that the case be settled for a slightly lower amount than the original proposed amount. This situation is a test of each side as the adjuster wants to settle the case for as little as possible while the lawyers want to make sure their clients are properly compensated. After several letters back and forth, and perhaps some telephone calls, the lawyers will advise their client when a fair offer has been reached. While they cannot instruct their client on what to do, they can advise them on the fairness of the offer and how that figure may change if the case were to proceed to trial.

For reasons of both time and expense, the majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. Once a trial is granted, attorney fees and court costs increase dramatically. An attorney receives a pre-negotiated amount of the client’s settlement, but receives a larger percentage if the case moves to trial. There are a number of lawyers who handle personal injury cases and it is always important to select one that is most sincere and seems most knowledgeable about the process.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be considered as, or used in place of, professional legal advice. Individuals who need legal help should consult a lawyer in their area who can assist them with their questions and concerns.

October 31st, 2014

Where Should I Buy a Car

corrado-vr6-photosession-782406-mLanders McLarty is a wonderful place to purchase your next new or used vehicle! Located in Huntsville, Alabama, this dealership offers a wide variety of great vehicles to choose from. They offer Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram models. Here, you can take your time to look around. You can ask questions, and you will be treated respectfully by all sales personnel.

Landers McLarty can help you to obtain the financing you need to drive the vehicle you want. They will take the time to help you get results quickly and efficiently. You will find their vehicles to be priced right, not hiked up prices that cost you more in the end. You can compare what they offer to other dealerships in the area, and you will be happy with what you learn.

New vehicles arrive all the time. You can select from brand new models. You can also get terrific deals on models that are a few years older. Yet they still have plenty of life left in them. You may not know what you want until you have test drove a few of the options on the lot!

You can also get your vehicle serviced at Landers McLarty. You can have diagnostic work done and then they will tell you what your vehicle needs. You may need to have your oil changed or it may be time for new tires. Anything you need, they can help with in order to keep your vehicle operating like it should.

There are additional Landers McLarty dealerships found around areas of Alabama too. They include Madison, Athens, and Decatur. If the vehicle you want isn’t found at the particular dealership you arrive at, they can get it for you. There is no reason to settle for a vehicle you don’t really want.

October 31st, 2014

Exciting Carpet Tips for Choosing, Installing and Cleaning Carpets

carpet-595680-mCarpet has the ability to turn a house into a home. The perfect carpet can turn any room into a beautiful, warm place you can enjoy. However, while carpet makes a wonderful choice for your home, it’s important to know how to choose the right carpet, install carpet correctly and clean your carpets.

Tips for Choosing Carpet

Are you ready to buy new carpet for your home? The first step is to choose the perfect carpet. When choosing carpet, consider the area where you’ll install it. For example, if you’re purchasing carpet for a high traffic area of your home, you’ll need a durable option that will stand up to plenty of traffic. If you’re choosing carpet for a bedroom or a nursery, you’ll want something plush and luxurious that feels great on your feet. Of course, color is also important. You want to choose carpet in a color that will complement your furniture and the room’s overall décor.

Installation Tips

Once you choose the perfect carpet for your home, it’s time to install that carpet. In some cases, you may want to choose professional installation, which can come in handy if you don’t have the time to install the carpet yourself. However, if you choose carpet that comes with easy installation, such as carpet tiles, you can probably take on this job yourself. Just make sure you learn the basics of installing the tiles to ensure you do a good job.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

No matter how hard you work to keep your carpet looking great, spills happen from time to time. The regular traffic through your home will result in dirt and dust in the carpet. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the dirt and dust from damaging your carpet. When spills occur, you’ll need to work to clean the spill up as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of staining. However, even if stains occur, shampooing your carpets may help. Great carpet cleaning tips, such as using club soda to eliminate wine stains, can help you keep your carpet looking beautiful.

For more carpet tips visit the Best Carpet Values Blog.


October 31st, 2014

Treat Your Guests to a Limo Bus Tour of St. Louis

what-you-lookin-at-7980-mFew things can surpass the thrill of a person’s first limo ride. Surprisingly, there are still thousands of St. Louis residents and visitors who have yet to experience the special feeling that accompanies a driver opening the passenger door and treating riders with courtesy and respect. As the shining, impressive vehicles heads down the street or out on the highway, people on the sidewalk and inside ordinary cars stare with interest and envy.

You may have several guests visiting for the holidays, a special sporting event, or just because they miss you. Of course you want to catch up on all the news, but at the same time, you want to show off this beautiful city. Now there’s an easier way to realize that ambition – it’s a limo bus! Luxurious travel is possible in one oversized vehicle for 20 passengers and more, according to All Events Destinations Services.

A special benefit of hiring a limo bus is that a professional driver is in charge of the wheel, leaving you free to see the sights from somewhere besides the driver’s window, a time when your attention must be on the road. Another benefit of this method of travel is the economical rate. Your driver knows the best ways to show off the city, and your trip is easier because it’s not costing a fortune when one of your visitors wants to stop for a moment to get a better look or amazing shot of the St. Louis Arch.

Enjoy the music of your choice from the fantastic sound system or play a DVD on the flat screen TV. It’s just like being at a party except you’re moving through the city and enjoying the scenery with dozens of friends and family. Whether it’s a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just because, celebrate in style and treat the important people in your life to a memorable experience with the limo party bus.

October 31st, 2014

Fiat USA of Huntsville

Fiat USA of Huntsville, located in Alabama, is a great place to find the car of your dreams. Fiat has a strong reputation for great looking cars that handle well, that last a very long time, and that are safe to be in. With all this in mind, the only thing missing is a great place to shop for one. If you are dragging your feet due to past terrible car buying experiences, now is the time to change all that around.

Fiat USA of Huntsville is proud to offer a wide selection of new and used Fiats. You can take your time to look around and see what you are interested in. You can take any of the vehicles for a test drive. If you want a particular model or color, they will find it for you. If they don’t have it, they will use their resources to get such a vehicle for you.

Parts and services for your Fiat are also available here. Your vehicle may require replacement parts from time to time. Fiat USA of Huntsville can order them for you. They can also install them for you. Only qualified professionals are hired to work on the vehicles. If you need routine maintenance for your Fiat, this is also the place to have it done.

You will find friendly people working at Fiat USA of Huntsville. Many people will tell you that this is the only place the shop for a vehicle. They know they can expect great prices, personalized service, and they can take home a vehicle they can count on. They find this location to offer the ultimate car buying experience on every level.