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February 23rd, 2017

How To Avoid Spending A Fortune Recovering Lost Data

Most people today are using computers at work and in their home. At work the computers are used as a professional tool to run the company and all its different processes. Whether you are in working in the sales department, product development or production section or the management of parts or the whole company you will spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

Computers are used to store the data that we put into them. Data covers everything from the little junk email that you pass on to a friend to the top secret analysis or test result of the company’s newest product that will revolutionize the market and put competitors out of business. Everything is stored in the form of data at a hard drive or on some other storage media (or even several different storage media).

From time to time we hear stories of companies that have gone bankrupt due to loss of their entire storage of data. Companies like Banks, Real Estate Agents, Money Lenders and in fact most companies that in one way or another are related to finances are extremely vulnerable to the loss of data. If a bank doesn’t know what customers have in their account (they’ve “lost” peoples money), then they are out of business almost instantly.

Because data is SO important, we are constantly seeing new companies appearing in the market offering services and tools to recover lost data. Some companies are so good at recovering data that HDDs that were lost at see and has been at the bottom of the ocean for years can be restored to almost full state. Now the harder the task the more you’ll have to pay to have it recovered.

Because companies like banks or other financial institutions are dealing with billions and billions of dollars, then a loss of data could easily trigger large bills for the data recovery specialists of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. But even though expensive the company will still be able to continue and avoid bankruptcy.

So how to you avoid paying these large data recovery bills? You make sure that you do frequent backups of all your data and that you test its validity and that you store it some place safe. If your company doesn’t already have a backup plan and even more important a plan to test the data, then you better get your act together very soon.

Don’t be one of those that cry when the bad luck strikes you. Play it safe and do your backups to ensure that your company has the data that it needs. If necessary, hire a third party server monitoring company who can help you to do your company website backups and monitor your company servers to ensure that your data and your servers remain working in good order.

February 21st, 2017

How to Backup Files Corectly

Throughout the world of computers, it’s simply amazing just how many people are scared to death of losing their data. Most of those who are scared, don’t give a second thought to backing up their data. Even though the thought may be the same, most people are worried more about losing their data than actually backing it up – which can prove to be a downfall in the face of disaster.

The process of backing up files is done by using servers, cloud drives, CD, DVD, external hard drives, or other methods to keep the data protected.

This way, when something happens to your hard drive and you lose your information, you’ll have the information backed up so that you can easily access it again. Data that is important, such as tax files or business records should always be backed up, to ensure that nothing happens to it.

If you are using Windows as your operating system, it will be a lot easier to back up your files. Windows has a backup facility in it, so that it can make things a lot easier when you create your backups. To keep your computer in top performance, you should scan and clean your computer every 2 weeks.

If data that is stored on hard drives becomes lost, Windows will immediately fetch the file from another drive or area where it has been stored as a backup. This is a very useful technique, although it still has to be practiced to ensure that you understand how it works. Although it may be very useful, it isn’t as safe as other options.

In order to back up your data and programs in a safe and efficient manner, you’ll need to use some of the more reliable methods, such as external hard drives or servers. Offsite backups are great as well, as the data you backup isn’t left around your office, it is instead entrusted with a company who will ensure that it stays protected.

No matter which method or methods you have decided to use for backing up your data, you’ll be happy to know that they are all easy to use. CD and DVD backups are easy to create, all you need is the software installed on your computer to create the backups with. Servers are easy to use as well, all you have to do is upload your data to a server, then log into the server anytime you need to have access to the data.

All in all, creating backups of your data and information is the perfect way to ensure that you always have it in the event of a disaster. Disasters can happen at any time, which is why you should always back up your data anytime you have something new or something that you haven’t backed up yet.

Bear in mind that companies should always make backup copies of their computer data as well and anything that is needed is imperative. Ensure that your data is backed up and your servers are safe by using a third party monitoring and incident service.

L3TechSupport offers server management and server monitoring services for small to large companies, helping you to ensure that your servers are running as they should be and helping you to keep your data safe.

February 9th, 2017

100% Pure Organic Latex Cot Mattress – More Than Just a Mattress

Now, before you start asking yourself why on earth anyone would sit down to write a short article about a cot mattress, I must tell you that I am not writing about just any old cot mattress. Rather, I writing about a cot mattress made by a company called Sleep Made To Measure. This company makes all the sleep related products from 100% pure organic latex, including pillows, play mats, cot mattresses, and etc.

If you have never slept on organic latex pillows, you don’t know what you are missing. Not only are they wonderfully comfortable and supportive, but they also 100% free of allergens, dust mites, and so on. Having experienced the difference myself, I made sure our baby got an organic latex cot mattress, organic latex pillows, and even organic latex play mats.

Now, you might think this is a bit on the crazy side, but I also got organic latex cot mattress for our two dogs. But, there is a reason for my madness. The reason our dogs now sleep on these is simply because they are so incredibly easy to keep clean. They don’t absorb odors the same way blankets and/or dog baskets do, but at the same time, they are really comfortable as well. Ever few days, one of us just dust any hairs off and then we wipe them with a cloth, using a mild detergent solution.

Now I can brag that even my dogs are doing their share to protect the environment. How do I come to such a conclusion? Because Sleep Made to Measure use organic latex that is harvest from huge rubber tree plantations, plantations which are big enough to remove roughly 143 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for every queen sized mattress produced by the company.

October 27th, 2016

Are You Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t need to take up most of your time, money, and effort. More and more people can remodel their bathroom and transform into a relaxing, rejuvenating, or even a romantic hideaway. It can be a fun and inexpensive project you can do on your own or with some help from your family members. Below are some useful tips in remodeling your bathroom, stress-free:

Organize. Bathroom remodeling is quicker when you organize your goals first. Do so before you start shopping for the materials you need. Consider the items you need or want to remove, replace, or add. Refinishing your toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, and shower enclosure can help give your bathroom a brand new look.

Decorate. If you want to keep things simple during your bathroom remodeling project, consider decorating your bathroom. Decorative treatments help you avoid a full bathroom remodel. At the same time, it breathes new life into your bathroom. Follow decorating ideas, but always remember to add your personal touch.

Estimate. Every remodeling needs a budget. This is a major part of the general outcome that you want. Shopping around for bathroom elements such as towel rails Sydney or shaving cabinets is based on how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom remodeling.

Concentrate. Remodeling your bathroom needs an established design. Even if it might be the smallest room in your home, it can still have the right ambiance with some focused imagination.
Select. Look at the functionality and size of your bathroom. These aspects will determine the products you choose for your bathroom remodeling. Choose the elements that will make your bathroom more functional and more relaxing. Additional mirrors and stone elements can provide the uniqueness that you want.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t need to be tedious and costly. You just need to know what you want and what you need to achieve the dream bathroom for you and for your family.

For the latest design ideas and products, feel free to check out

September 27th, 2016

The Addition of a Water Slide to Your Pool Could Transform Your Summer

As you install your new fibreglass pool kits you might think you’ve hit the holy grail of swimming pools. But what if it could get better? Imagine that you have a way to make a massive splash this summer and your entire family is set to have an experience unlike any other. All of those is possible when you add a water slide to your pool.

This takes an average pool, and adds some adrenaline and excitement to it. Yes, your swimming pool is fun to lounge in, but you’ve spent good money on the pool and you need something that gives you the ability to relax when appropriate, and the ability for the kids to live it up!

With some fibreglass pool kits allowing for an expansion of a water slide, the process is easy. Just follow the directions accordingly, and ensure you review all the safety requirements. Then as you climb those stairs for the first time, feel your heart pounding, and propel forward down the slid, you know you are set to make a splash.

When you do this, keep in mind the ages of children in your home. As some of these slides may not be appropriate. Others require improvements to the ground, and an appropriate amount of yard to install the slide in. Once you’ve gotten past the formalities, it’s smooth sailing from there. Then all you have to do is race down the slide, find new ways to add to the thrills on it, and host a gathering with friends. One where you are the envy of the group, because of the awesome new water slide that you’ve installed.

If you’re interested in learning more about fiberglass pools and the things that you need to install a fiberglass pool kit, pay a call on

May 28th, 2016

Decompression Sickness a Major Problem for Lobster Divers

Cámaras_hiperbárica_collageMiskito Indians along the Honduran coast are dying and being disabled diving for the spiny lobsters that are so popular and cheap in the restaurants of the USA and Canada.

Because the demand for these lobsters has increased enormously over the last few decades and there is little other work in their sparsely populated area, the young men of Honduras’ Mosquito coast, dive too often and too deeply, using inadequate equipment, in search of “red gold”.
The lobster industry is profitable for some and accounts for nearly 10% of Honduran foreign trade or over $50 million for the Honduran and Nicaraguan economies. The divers, however, are lucky if they get $2 a pound diving 10 to 15 times a day over a 12 day journey at sea.

Because of the structure of the industry, dive masters are in control of the divers who often must rely on oxygen lines that get clogged, archaic diving equipment without gauges to tell when the air in the tank is getting low or the depth to which they are diving. And, when these dangerous conditions result in divers succumbing to decompression sickness or the “bends”, they are left without economic support, unable to work or provide for their families.
Because scuba diving for lobsters has become intensively industrialized safety procedures are often ignored. Inadequate management of this natural resource means that divers must go ever deeper to find the spiny crustaceans. The divers face the additional risks of greater pressure at these depths and, without adequate training, they may resurface too quickly, not making the necessary decompression stops along the way up. When a diver moves too quickly from a high to a low pressure area, gases in the bloodstream can create bubbles that block small blood vessels, cut off oxygen to body parts including the brain, resulting in severe joint pain, paralysis, damaged nerves, disability and even death.

A World Bank report in 1999 said that “Nearly 100% of the Miskito divers showed neurological damage.” Another study found that approximately 4200 divers are living with their diving injuries – this is nearly half of all the Miskito divers under 35 (the divers are all young). They also reported that roughly 50 divers die from decompression sickness each year. This gives Honduras the dubious honor of having more deaths and disablement from decompression sickness than any other country.
Diving training, more hyperbaric chambers, hyperbaric technician training, in the locations where divers may come ashore exhibiting decompression sickness symptoms would vastly reduce these incidences of disability and death. However, so far local and national governments have not found the money nor the political will to help the 40,000 Miskito Indians (or 6300 families) dependent on lobster diving.

As long as the demand is there, men will risk life and limb diving into the cold, deep waters along the Honduran coastline. However, what will happen when the once plentiful lobsters are over fished to the point that divers no longer find them at the depths to which they are diving today? How much deeper can they go?

February 21st, 2015

Making Toy Storage Fun and Exciting for Your Child

best-friend-850693-mWho said that teaching your child to keep their room tidy should be a tedious and difficult task? With a little bit of creativity, you can make toy storage fun and exciting for your little one. In case you are still wondering how to make it happen, take a look at the following simple and fun ideas.

Take It Slow
First of all, it is important not to rush things. Start by asking your child to put their toys in the respective place. You can get started with such exercises at an early age to instill healthy habits.

Get Creative
Get creative and replace the traditional toy storage option with something fun and exciting like a toy storage hammock. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes and fabrics. It is important to consider your kid’s preferences when you pick the right stuffed animal hammock.

Depending on what your little one likes, you can choose a plain mesh hammock or one of bright colors and decorated with ribbons. Selecting the appropriate toy storage hammock will add something beautiful and exciting to your little one’s room. It will also show your respect for the child’s opinion.

Go for a triangular stuffed animal hammock at the corner of the kid’s room to keep the space organized and cozy. When your kid sees how beautiful their room looks, they will learn to appreciate organization and build a useful habit for a life.

Keeping toys in order doesn’t have to be a tedious task that your child hates. A little bit of creativity, patience and the selection of the right storage option will deliver the best possible results.

January 28th, 2015

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

house-cat-1428933-mLaminate flooring is a synthetic alternative to wood flooring. Laminate flooring was not sold in the United States until about 1996, but it has been sold in European countries for about 20 years.

Laminate flooring is made up of several layers:

The surface is a hard as nails film, normally made of aluminum oxide. Right underneath the surface film is a photographic image or decor paper (usually of wood), to give the flooring the look of a natural wood floor. The core of laminate flooring is made of various materials, most often high density fiberboard, or wood particle board. The final layer of laminate flooring is the backing, made of various materials. Backings made of laminate material are superior as far as water or moisture damage is concerned.

Laminate flooring may be installed over any kind of sub floor, as it is not directly attached to the sub floor, but is a floating floor. Many laminate flooring manufacturers use a click system on the tongue and groove joints, so you can just fit the joints together and you are ready to go. Other manufacturers require you to glue the pieces of flooring together, but in either case, you do not need to nail the floor to the sub floor.

If you are laying the laminate flooring directly over a concrete sub floor, you’ll need to lay down a damp proof membrane, a.k.a. DPM, before laying the flooring. This is to keep moisture from seeping up through the floor into the laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring has quite a few benefits: affordability, low maintenance, ease of installation, attractive looks, and more. It also has a few drawbacks, though: it’s not as durable as real wood, doesn’t absorb sound well, doesn’t feel as warm to your cold feet on winter mornings, and may warp if it is exposed to moisture.

December 24th, 2014

The 2015 Subaru WRX has Arrived

Long known as one of the most potent sports cars on the market, the Subaru WRX has enjoyed success in Japan, the United States, and all around the world. WRX is one of the most well-known brands in the automotive world, helped in large part by Subaru’s massive success in competitive world rallying.

Subaru has upped the stakes again for the 2015 model year with the all new WRX sedan, and it’s a car you can find at Landers McLarty in Huntsville.

Precision, Power, and Technology

Subaru has been developing the WRX since it entered it into rallying in 1992. Since then, the car has gone through numerous development changes, from which we have arrived at the 2015 WRX.

The new WRX features a direct injection turbocharged engine, one of Subaru’s best yet. It produces 268 horsepower, and can pump out an impressive 258lb-ft of torque between 2000 and 5700 RPM. Unique to this boxer engine, the torque is available all throughout the rev range, meaning that you’ll get instant power any time you put your foot down.

Symmetrical all-wheel drive on the WRX enables precision handling in any condition. Rain, snow, ice, tarmac, gravel… none are a challenge too big for the WRX. Remember that this car cut its teeth on rally stages. Just imagine what it can do on the road.

There’s plenty of technology to ensure that driving remains dynamic and safe. Active torque vectoring helps to distribute power so that the car stays planted throughout the corners, no matter where the weight is moving on the chassis. The suspension in the new WRX has been designed around highly tuned springs and dampers to enable flat cornering without sacrificing ride comfort.

Any motoring enthusiast will have fun behind the wheel of a WRX. The paddle shift sport transmission offers the convenience of an automatic gearbox, while retaining total control over gear shifting. It’s hard not to crack a smile when you’re behind the wheel of a WRX, and in Alabama we have plenty of roads on which to enjoy this car.

Confidence in Motion

A spacious interior, advanced ring shaped airbag system, active electronics for stability, and of course the raw power of the 2015 Subaru WRX make it one of the most exciting cars that you can drive today. With starting prices below $27,000, it’s almost impossible to find a better alternative in this class.

Landers McLarty Subaru has the WRX in Huntsville, along with the rest of Subaru’s popular lineup. Come and see us today to find out what it means to drive with confidence in motion.

December 14th, 2014

Unique Ways to Use Chalkboard Labels

id--63Labels are a cost-effective, functional tool that makes home management simpler and more efficient. When you label items, you are doing one or more of the following:

  • Reminding your entire household of rules you expect them to follow
  • Designating where things go so that they are always easy to find
  • Simplifying daily chores for young children and those new to your household
  • Reminding yourself of things worth remembering

Even if you live alone, you can still use labels to remind yourself of important things or to communicate with guests in a respectful manner. If you have children of any age, then you may rely on labels and stickers to keep your home flowing smoothly day in and day out. That is where chalkboard labels and stickers are essential because you can use them over and over for different purposes, saving you tons of money over time.

It’s easy to think of some traditional ways to use chalkboard stickers, but there are also some unique applications, including:

  • Hang 26 stickers on the wall and allow children to practice writing the letters of the alphabet with a chalk pen.
  • Place a sticker under each toy bin in a child’s bedroom or playroom, clearly identifying where they should put toys when cleaning up. Use shapes or color-code the words for children too young to read.
  • Hang up a sticker for each day of the week and write in the chore that your child should do that day.
  • Use them as name tags when hosting a party to introduce new friends. The chalkboard theme will fit with many party themes if you think creatively.
  • Label the shelves in your kitchen to make it easier for kids to remember where different items go when they do the dishes.
  • Label laundry baskets so that every member of your family sorts their own laundry, making it easier for you to wash them later on.

If you think creatively, you will find hundreds of ways to use chalkboard labels in your home. What are the unique applications that come to mind for you?